Enrofloxacin 10%

Each 100ml Contains: Enrofloxacin 10gm Indications: Poultry:Mycoplasmosis,Colisepticaemia,Salmonellosis,Pasterellosis(fowal cholera) Turkey: Artheritis,Coryza,Erysipelas. Cattle,Sheep and Goats: Coli-infections in calves and lambs,Urinary tract infections . Warning and Precautions: Animals intolerant to other quinolines may be intolerant to Enrofloxacin. Inclusion Rate: 1ml./2 litres of drinking water for 3 to 5 days. Recommendations: The medicated water should be the only source of water. Prepare medicated water daily. Available: 500ml,1 lit.,5 lit.

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